The Glassdoor Advantage

The Glassdoor Advantage

What would happen if someone found the results of the company’s employee survey on the printer and posted it to the Web?

That was the provocative question that led to the creation of the Glasdoor is an employment site that takes its users to the watercooler with anonymous, unedited company, job, salary and interview reviews.

Job seekers can search for employment and learn about companies. In addition, employers can advertise jobs and showcase their company to attract the best talent. With Glassdoor’s Inside Connections, users can utilize their Facebook network to explore connections within a company.

The Glassdoor Advantage is a how-to manual that provides step-by-step instruction on how to:
-Create an account
-Write reviews
-Research companies
-Search for jobs
-Review salaries
-Use Inside Connections

You will learn how to navigate the site, and most importantly, experience the value of Glassdoor.

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