Cisco 1841 T1 Bundle w/IOS IP Base (CISCO1841-T1)

Cisco 1841 T1 Bundle w/IOS IP Base (CISCO1841-T1)

pThe Cisco 1841 router is designed for secure data connectivity and provides significant additional value compared to prior generations of Cisco 1700 Series routers by offering more than a fivefold performance increase, integrated hardware-based encryption enabled by an optional Cisco IOS Software security image, and a dramatic increase in interface card slot performance and density while maintaining support for more than 30 existing WAN interface cards (WICs) and multiflex trunk cards (voice/WICs [VWICs]-for data only on the Cisco 1841 router) of the Cisco 1700 Series. /p pThe Cisco 1841 modular architecture has been specifically designed to meet requirements of small-to-medium-sized businesses and small enterprise branch offices as well as service provider-managed applications for concurrent services at wire-speed performance. /pT1 Access
Bundled w/ WIC-1DSU-T1-V2
Advanced Security

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