Huawei 5G LampSite Will take Major Position in China’s Third Period 5G SA Exams

Huawei 5G LampSite Will take Major Position in China’s Third Period 5G SA Exams

[Beijing, China, December five, 2018] Huawei these days reported it is the very first firm to total a 5G SA practical and effectiveness test of 5G LampSite. The SA testing took position in the third-phase of China 5G technology R&D exams structured by the IMT-2020 (5G) Advertising Team. The results shown a peak downlink price of earlier mentioned one.8 Gbit/s on the C band with a bandwidth of 100 MHz, close to the theoretical peak price. This is the very first time in the market that indoor protection exams have been executed for 5G SA dependent on the most comprehensive 3GPP Release fifteen specifications.

The IMT-2020 (5G) Advertising Team introduced indoor protection as a component of its phase 3 R&D exams. In its new releases of Technological Specs of 5G Digital Indoor Process and Test Conditions of 5G Digital Indoor Process, this group defines a series of technological specifications for 5G indoor protection digitalization in phrases of effectiveness, features, and networking.

Huawei 5G LampSite was utilised to type a digital indoor method (DIS) for the SA testing. The DIS architecture incorporates 3 layers: BBU, RHUB, and pRRU. The entire method supports CPRI interface and E2E fiber-optic transmission. The pRRU is a digital headend that attributes a superior integration of RRU and antennas. The DIS architecture satisfies the needs proposed by the IMT-2020 (5G) Advertising Team in phrases of digital headend, IT cable, and visualized O&M. So much, DIS has been greatly hailed in the market as the go-to network architecture of 5G indoor protection.

Executed in laboratories at China Academy of Telecommunication Investigate and in subject environments in Beijing, this round of exams properly executed ample verification of important indoor elements of 5G RANs, like uplink and downlink peak premiums, downlink 4T4R, and uplink and downlink 256QAM as perfectly as multi-user effectiveness. With a 100 MHz wide C-band spectrum, a downlink one-user peak price of more than one.8 Gbit/s was realized on Huawei 5G LampSite, which will be established to consider indoor experience to a new top.

Huawei has been playing an lively purpose with the IMT-2020 (5G) Advertising Team to boost 5G R&D testing in China. In September 2018, Huawei took the direct in beginning 5G indoor protection exams of NSA networking. Huawei 5G LampSite has now concluded all functionality and effectiveness exams of 5G SA. The test results are of terrific worth to main operators’ blueprint for 5G indoor protection.

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