Huawei Empowers Japan’s CyberAgent to Establish an IDN-Able Cloud Facts Center Community with All-Mounted Switches

Huawei Empowers Japan’s CyberAgent to Establish an IDN-Able Cloud Facts Center Community with All-Mounted Switches

Pioneer of Japanese Pan Entertainment

CyberAgent, Inc. is a nicely-recognised Web company in Japan. It offers providers in numerous fields, this kind of as on line communities, video on need (VOD), gaming, advertising and marketing, and Web undertaking capital. In 2018, revenue is anticipated to exceed US$three.8 billion. Gaming is an crucial progress motor. CyberAgent has seven significant activity titles and other quite a few tens of smartphone game titles. An animated edition of hit titles this kind of as “GRANBLUE FANTASY” has been created to entertain customers with the world of the activity in distinctive way. Media is a significant expense spot of CyberAgent, this kind of as AbemaTV, a internet Tv set station which delivers about 20 channels for cost-free, and Refreshing Reside, a dwell streaming service with many celebs and preferred personalities.

As cloud computing, AI, and Large Facts go worldwide, rapid service changes pose higher prerequisites on data facilities. Companies this kind of as VoD, gaming, and research providers normally lead to traffic surges. Existing data middle equipment can’t cope with this problem. In addition, just one of the significant troubles that CyberAgent, Inc. urgently wanted to triumph over was how to construct a data middle network with significant availability and significant scalability even though acquiring smooth evolution to IDN.

Tomohiko Sawadaishi, Chief Community Architect of CyberAgent, Inc., stated: “The eyesight of CyberAgent is to generate the twenty first century’s leading company. Just one of the main cornerstones that support this eyesight is the cloud data middle network with significant availability, significant scalability, and constant evolution to intelligence and automation. Primarily based on thorough analysis, Huawei Intent-Pushed CloudFabric offers significant-typical solutions and equipment to meet prerequisites for developing our next-generation cloud data middle.”


Tomohiko Sawadaishi, Chief Community Architect of CyberAgent, Inc., talks about the prosperous working experience in building a cloud data middle network using Huawei CloudFabric remedy

Establish an IDN-Able Cloud Facts Center Community with All-Mounted Switches

Huawei CloudFabric has served 2800 enterprises in around one hundred twenty nations around the world. In individual, it has been put into large-scale industrial use in industries this kind of as finance, Web, Media & Entertainment (M&E), cloud service provider, and telecom carrier. CloudFabric is dedicated to using the IDN architecture to travel the building of data middle-centric next-generation network platforms for extra enterprises.

Huawei CloudFabric breaks the norm to construct a network entirely out of fixed switches. The remedy works by using the mainstream backbone-leaf architecture, supports technologies this kind of as EVPN and VXLAN, and can be built-in with third-social gathering automation administration tools. It is the very best remedy for little- and medium-sized enterprises when building next-generation data middle networks. The following are some of its key functions:

Large-bandwidth interconnection and large-buffer obtain

CE8800 series switches, utilized as backbone nodes, supply 64 x 100GE ports, the highest-density in the marketplace. CE6800 series, utilized as leaf nodes, supply 100GE uplink ports, acquiring 100GE interconnection within the data middle. In addition, the CE6870 series supply an extremely-large buffer of up to 4 GB, efficiently coping with traffic surges on the network and furnishing significant good quality transmission of providers this kind of as VOD, gaming, and searching.

Large network-wide dependability, guaranteeing zero service interruptions

With the industry’s most thorough inter-machine link aggregation technological know-how, the machine networking coupling connection evolves from stacking at the control aircraft to the use of M-LAG and then finally to coupling-cost-free M-LAG Lite. This achieves lively-lively server obtain and zero-interruption when upgrading switches, guaranteeing providers are offered 24/7.

Compact and simple to handle, decreasing CAPEX and OPEX

The CE8860 series supports cards with 4 charges (10GE, 25GE, 40GE, and 100GE) even though having up just 2 U in room, acquiring significant-density obtain of servers with distinctive interface charges and preserving equipment place room. Units can be built-in with third-social gathering tools this kind of as Ansible, implementing built-in network and IT administration.

With the help of Huawei’s CloudFabric remedy, CyberAgent, Inc. correctly designed a cloud data middle network with Intent-Pushed Community (IDN) abilities and comprised completely of fixed switches. The building of this next-generation cloud data middle efficiently fulfills the growing prerequisites of CyberAgent, Inc. in areas this kind of as media, Web advertising and marketing, and gaming, maximizing their business enterprise value.

Industries are now starting to enter the latter phase of their digital transformation. Organization data facilities are no for a longer time merely business enterprise support facilities, but have also turn into value generation facilities. Huawei will adhere to the theory of buyer-centricity, reply to prerequisites of top rated worldwide buyers from industries this kind of as finance and Web, and strengthen network automation and intelligence with AI and Large Facts technologies to continually direct the marketplace progress.

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